What is Ski-Doc?
Ski-Doc is a brand that manufactures tools to make your skiing better. Our goal it to offer a variety of affordable tools and accessories. We are a small company with a broad knowledge in design, innovation and manufacturing.

We are skiers ourselves and we have a very tight connection to the professional waterskiing community that gives us input to develop new products. 

In 2012, we started making the perfect tool for working on your slalom ski. The workstation that holds the ski in any position needed to make adjustments without the risk of dropping or damaging the ski.

Early in 2013 we introduced the Camera Mount which in a very short time became a great success. The idea came many years earlier, where we wanted to video our own skiing. At this time there was only one choice of Camera Mounts and we found it too expensive cumbersome, so we started developing a new style of Camera Mounts.
Where is your base? Should we be waiting for more exciting products?
The Ski-Doc brand is located in Florida, the capital of water-skiing and all the products are made by us. More products related to working on your ski will come in the future, so you can be the “doctor” of your own ski and set it up easily and conveniently.



Warranty information:

The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage caused by misuse (such as transportation of unusual items), neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or transport damage (by airlines for example). Replacements under manufacturing warranty are shipped within the USA at no cost to the buyer. For International buyers an allowance of up to USD $15 is offered and if any additional shipping cost is needed it will be provided by the buyer.


Return policy:

Ski-Doc applies a 25% restocking fee to all returns. Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges associated with returns and/or exchanges. 

Ski-Doc recommends that you (1) use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns and (2) either insure your package for safe return to Ski-Doc or declare the full value of the shipment, so that you are completely protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. If you choose not to (1) use a carrier that offers tracking, and (2) insure or declare the full value of the product, you will be responsible for the loss of damage to the product during shipping. Please note that the US Postal Service (USPS) offers limited tracking capabilities and that there is a 30-day waiting period before the USPS will initiate a trace.

Ski-Doc will not accept returns without Return Authorization. RA requests must be made within 30 business days of receipt of the product by contacting Ski-Doc at mail@theskidoc.com